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Welcome to DarkSoulDWA-MC-Radio I am a local Pittsburg Pennsylvia Dj just here to enjoy the good vibes and feel of the music and be able to allow others to do the same. Mixed music no one era of music will ever be played on this station. I am open minded and will play nearly anything. Station owned and operated by xLYDIAxST3AL3Rx. I refuse to play any music aimed at hatred towards any one group or person like it or not I am the one in control of the station. This Station my not be suitable for children, parental guidance is advised.

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Rock, Alternative, Country, R&B, Rap etc. Teens with parental permission to listen and Adults Ages 18+ Does not adhere to a specific music genre; many adult hits stations play a mix of rock, pop, adult contemporary, and select oldies hits, predominantly drawing on music from the 1970s through the 2000s, including Classic Hits.

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Request are encouraged. I play a variety of songs, Rock, Alternative, Country, R&B, Rap etc. If you want to hear a tune just drop me a request and I will do my best to get it on for you.